ASSERT-new cd (out soon)

ass3pAssert formed in 1994 mixing punk/hardcore/thrash and rock , igniting some fire and ferocity into a stagnant and boring u.k. punk/hardcore scene-whilst making it very clear that they were a political band who had no interest in a punk rock ‘career’- they became one of the most talked about underground outfits as half the band played naked whilst whirlwind frontman ‘Britt’ screamed into the audiences faces causing chaos and confusion. It was anti-fashion and anti ‘scene’; the band gained a loyal following whilst upsetting many people in the process;they were even known to take a shit on stage from time to time (shock horror!!) Power,passion,precision,politics and the ability to piss off a very conservative scene underlined how timid things had become.Assert are true survivors having had two band members die ; drummer Chris Burleigh and bass player Johnny Sinister. Some punks think Assert are ‘too hardcore’ and some hardcore kids think Assert are ‘too punk’ in fact frontman ‘Britt’ is a veteran of the late 70’s and early 80’s U.K. punk/hardcore scene. Assert are more punk than you and more hardcore then the average middle class wanabee who inhabits the modern ‘Hardcore scene’ . Still one of the most talked about bands around and still not giving a fuck. Known for ‘telling the truth’ Assert will always have their ‘critics’ which must mean they are doing something right…….right?. You might find Assert written out of U.K. hardcore/punk history because if you upset the ‘critics’….. ‘writers’ and those who like to be in control , they revert to traditional Stalinist tactics…. right? .The band will release the sixth full length ‘Laser tattoo removal service’ in late 2009.


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